One of many purposes of the ad - selling goods and services (but not driving everyone crazy by annoying messages via any possible way). Goods and services have different properties, even different logic/behavior - services usually are repeating, they have duration time, start date, finish date; physical goods can be sold peace by peace (with inventory control for example), non-physical goods (like software) can be sold as many times as it needed. Also there exists auction way of selling anything - the seller put start price and customers increase price in fight between each other to have this item.

Keeping in mind all this 'zoo' with items we buy and sell, i would like to design and develop the 'selling' constuctor - the engine, which allows to anyone to start his/her very own p2p business. On my main job I took part on development of very different solutions - e-shops, auctions, catalogues; I have used ebay, other selling engines; on one of my previos jobs I have developed applications for the Vantive CRM system, so I decided to try to develop a universal (as much as possible for me) and simple (as much as possible too) selling engine for Joomla!

Btw, if you want to know about the new releases - press the RSS button in the right top corner and subscribe for the new releases feed. If you know nothing about the RSS feed - maybe it is the time to start of using of this feature, it is worth studying (imho). Also, I do not collect your emails to annoy you about my own problems - this is not my way. The Email address is just part of Joomla user object, so you can use fake email address (but then you'll never receive notification about a possible answer on your possible question on this website).

1. Make your website backup (files and database)
2. Install the new version of component
3. The following will occur during installation
    a) The menu items will be reassigned to the new component
    b) A cache folder cache/advert will be deleted (this folder must be writable by the web server process)
    c) the folder with products files "media/com_advert" (this folder must be writable by the web server process) will be renamed to "media/com_acf"
4. If during instllation you'll see any errors - restore backup and write to me about the error(s).