I have found that the name of component in the links are blocking by adblockers any type because the word 'advert' is the some sort of a red rag to a bull - so I came to the conclusion that I need to rename the component name, at least its system part, which is 'wisible' to advert blocking filters. so it will be named like 'com_abc' (advert board constructor) or 'com_abdc' (advert board developer constructor) or something like.

Still have no internet connection at home. Maybe a month ago have bought a cheap used notebook Acer Travelmate 3000 (as a replacement for my broken Dell), have installed there Linux Mint, works pretty nice for me. Interesting thing - i can see the cyrillic 'Poiret One' font with the Linux Firefox, but can't see it with any Windows browser. Prepared batch files for collecting the extension package, preparing development backups - at my windows Dell I did it manually, love *nix :) Interesting, why i did not prepared something like for my windows development environment?

Stuck with the advert extensions development - not sure what to do first. Will prepare better demo, sure, it helps me to find out what to do next, bugfixing also will be provided.

my internet provider carries out repair lines, so i have no internet access from home. this is why there was no release at previous weekend - i have prepared it but did not uploaded. so i continued development one more week and released it today

Thinking to use the Fuel UX with the forms and elsewhere - it exists in both versions for 2 and 3 bootstrap, I like it very much, so I'll planning to use it - hope you'll share this my joyfulness.

I have an idea to make the price plugin field and remove hardcoded price field, so any bare item will have only its name - all the rest of item complicity will be added via its item category fields.

So what i think about price. Many items we have may have a few prices types - price to sell, price to rent, auction price for example. Due to selected deal type price may have additional properties (a term for the rent; start price, minimal price, date ending for the auction) - so the field plugin can be used.

Next week i will develop price field plugin - here is so much of what can to be done! It will take some time, but it is can be interesting solution.